Ckpool proxy mode dual-ISP balancing

Experience shows that planning 24/7 availability systems requires great attention to detail and sometimes use of black magic. Especially when you prefer to sleep instead of manually switching between ISPs. Sometimes software has limitations on setups, and one such limitation was found in CKPool software, that didn’t allow to setup source addresses for Pool connections. And here is an example of one magic trick Continue reading “Ckpool proxy mode dual-ISP balancing”

Windows Loopback interface and SSH tunnels, or a story of one Huawei Router

Some stuff sounds simple and obvious for one group of people, and sounds crazy for another. One good story started after some attempts to remotely connect to the Web portal of one Huawei 4G Router. The caveat in this situation is that a direct connection was not possible, only thru a Linux Router. Because administrators are lazy – setting up a fully operational VPN was not the case, so I tried to make and SSH tunnel forward. But failed… at start.
Continue reading “Windows Loopback interface and SSH tunnels, or a story of one Huawei Router”

Hikvision device discover via SADP over SSH

Hikvision SADP is a useful tool which allows to control and active NVR devices within a local network. Unfortunately it is not so useful when dealing with remote devices.

Although there is a small trick. SADP uses a multicast address and a UDP port 37020 for sending and receiving control packets to/from Hikvision devices. This info can be used to create a listening socket on a device within the same network as a host running SADP that will forward these packets to remote networks without setting up multicast routing. Continue reading “Hikvision device discover via SADP over SSH”